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Went with Louise/Twins since I haven’t drawn these cuties as a ship yet!  they’re aged up a bit here, like maybe late middle-schoolish ? the original plan was Andy and Ollie taking Louise to the prom, but the colouring came out so bright that a Spring Dance is prolly more accurate B:

Turned Louise’s hat into a headband since it’s hard for me to imagine her without her signature earss <3


David Maisel  - The Lake Project, 2001-2002

"The ground is bleeding. A red river cuts a path through a bleached valley, winding toward a lake that is no longer there. Seen from the air, the river and its dry terminus appear otherworldly. In actuality, this terrain is located in Owens Valley, an arid stretch of land in southeastern California, between the Sierra Mountains and the White-Inyo Range. The history of this region is the stuff of California legend: a story of engineers, politicians, and big land owners working together to divert water to the rapidly growing desert city of Los Angeles, generating a thriving agricultural industry and an environmental disaster in the process." [Diana Gaston]

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